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February 2013

Coming soon!  Biotronix Healthcare will be adding a complete Colostomy product line.  The new product line will include Colostomy Bags, Urostomy and Ileastomy bags both one piece and two piece.  Ask your Biotronix Healthcare representative for details.

Biotronix Healthcare has partnered with Sycan Medical Inc. to distribute in the Arab Gulf and North Africa region.  Sycan Medical Inc. with it’s vast distribution experience in this area, will facilitate Biotronix Healthcare in registration procedures, distributor alliances, and marketing.  Over the course of the next year together, we will target the region looking to partner with distributors which have the same vision about healthcare that we do.  If you are interested in becoming a distributor in this area, please contact Mhd Hassa Taqi at Sycan Medical Inc. ( or

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January 2013



 Always looking for new product expansion, Biotronix Healthcare is in the final stages before launching a complete Hemodialisis device line.  This product line will complement the extensive line Biotronix already carries.  The complete line will include Blood line sets, Hemodialyzers, Hemodialysis Catheters, Hemodoalysis Concentrates and Fistula needles.



Biotronix Healthcare starts the year receiving registration approval for the complete respiratory and urological product line in Costa Rica.