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Biotronix Healthcare partners with inventors on a regular basis to develop new and innovative medical devices and solutions for medical device problems.  Some of the most creative products we have created and added to our line have been from ideas we received from our customers and employees.  If you have an idea that you think can be developed into a sellable product, we strongly encourage you to submit your idea on our online form.


There is often some hesitation to submit an idea.  Anything you submit will be reviewed by our product development team. Once you submit your idea and it gets a positive initial review, one of the members on our team will contact you directly.  They will help walk you through our process of negotiating an agreement, exploration and work with you throughout the development process.


Below are some commonly asked questions:

How long does it take to develop a product and bring to market?

Product Development is not an exact science.  Every product development project is different.  Some can take a few weeks to develop, and can be marketable in 3 months. Some can take a very long time and a pain stacking process.  Sometimes the best products are a result of a very long and difficult process.  It all depends on the complexity of the project, the how far along is the idea or design, and on how many unknown issues pop up during the development stage.


Will I be involved in the development process?

We always work with you through the development phase.  At Biotronix Healthcare, we have a team of product development specialists that are experts in identifying the important specifications and benefits of a project.  They will also determine what and what will not sell in our marketplace, and at what price it will sell at.


Does an idea need to be patented?

Ideas that are patented have more value to Biotronix Healthcare since they are less likely to be copied.

But some ideas do not justify the expense required to patent them.


How do I protect myself before an agreement is signed?

Once we conduct the review of your idea, we will sign a Mutual Non-disclosure  agreement between you and Biotronix Healthcare.  A Mutual Non-disclosure  agreement allows both parties to share ideas, information and prototypes  without being able to manufacturer or profit from the ideas.











Biotronix Healthcare will also share project that may have any conflict of interest.  At this stage any of the two parties can walk away at any time and have protection from the confidential information being used.


Note: After a Mutual Non-disclosure agreement has been signed you are required to tell us if you have shown this idea to any other company and who they are.

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