Biotronix Healthcare Nasal Plug is a multi-functional hemostatic product which is composed of Hemostatic Gauze and PVA nasal sponge


The outer hemostatic gauze forms into gel when it contacts with fluid or blood. Blood coagulation mechanism will be activated to accelerate physiological hemostasis after the gel contacts with the nasal wound surface, while the inner PVA sponge can expand to provide an even pressure on the wound surface to form the physical hemostasis. In addition, the gel offers moist environment to promotes epithelization of the nasal mucosa and prevent secondary damage upon removal.


• Quick, easy and efficient to use;

• Different sizes meet different requirement;

• Multiple hemostatic functions, stop nose bleeding fast;

• Unique gauze weave structure with soft high-tensile sponge;

• Moist dressing, no secondary damage upon removal;

• Fiber free & latex free, no side effect.



• Epistaxis and postoperative hemostasis of nasal cavity and paranasal sinus;

• Stops nose bleeding.

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