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Investing in our children results in a tremendous ripple effect not only for them but also for the future we all share.  At Biotronix Healthcare, we are committed in giving under-privileged children around the world happiness, hope and an education.  Inspiring and changing their lives now can change the course of their future. Our philanthropic efforts consist of medical education, product donations, fundraising and volunteering to give them hope for a better tomorrow. The Biotronix Healthcare team along with its customers around the world support charities that are aligned with our goals as a medical device company.




Enpowerment 4 Kids Project is focused on inspiring children through hope, joy and education. Biotronix Healthcare and its partners choose a different location around the world every year to bring joy during Christmas. The day is filled with fun, food and educational activities for the children.

They are able to participate in interactive settings with nurses and doctors and learn about medical procedures.

The day ends with the team handing out a variety of medical toys with hopes of inspiring them to do great things in the future.




We believe in the power of communities and the people who live in them. Making a difference in the communities we are in and helping them prosper is part of Biotronix Healthcare’s corporate commitment.  We accomplish this by supporting programs that have the volunteer involvement of Biotronix Healthcare employees and align with our corporate commitment.



The interaction of people with their built or natural environment is the basis for cognitive development.  It is no different for the residents of the UCP Baby House.  These beautiful people who are disadvantaged by the effects of Cerebral Palsy can enjoy a rewarding and developed life through the guidance of the dedicated staff that run the facility.


With this in mind our team made up of Psychologists, Interior Designers, Architects and the Biotronix staff have come together and raising over $100,000.00, bringing considerable talent and experience, to bear on the possibility of providing a more enriching and satisfying environment to the residence and staff of the UCP Baby House.




We work closely with customers and partners around the world in the communities we are in, supporting disaster relief efforts and certain programs for the under-privileged population.  Biotronix Healthcare does not accept unsolicited requests.

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