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Shoe Covers

Our footwear at Biotronix Healthcare is designed and manufactured from several types of materials.  Spunbonded Polypropylene to deluxe thick SMS material, our shoe covers will satisfy all your clinical needs

SPP Shoe Covers

Our SPP shoe covers are a non-woven fabric lightweight and comfortable.  They are used cases with no fluid contact.  Available with anti-skid thread and without.


Features & Benefits:

• Non-Woven SPP

• Lightweight and Comfortable

• Available with and without anti-skid

• Latex Free


SMS Shoe Covers

Our SMS shoe cover offer a stronger 3-layer fabric which is comfortable, breathable and lightweight.  They are used in cases with light contact to fluids.  Available with anti-skid thread and without.


Features & Benefits:

• Made of SMS material

• Durable and strong

• Available with and without anti-skid

• Latex Free


Deluxe SMS Shoe Covers

Biotronix Healthcare’s Deluxe SMS shoe covers offer a material with extra strength and weight.  Available with anti-skid thread and without.

Features & Benefits:

• Heavy duty SMS material

• Provides superior strength

• Available with and without anti-skid

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